An Efficient Company Structure

Solera Sweden consists of PrimeWine Sweden, Mondowine Sweden, Urban Beverages and Multibev. Solera Sweden is since 2011 owned by one of the leading beverage suppliers in Scandinavia, Solera Beverage Group. Apart from the Swedish business, the group encompasses 11 well-established companies in the rest of the Nordics: Cuveco, Engelstad, Stenberg & Blom, Euro Wine, Multibev and Best Cellars in Norway, Stella Wines, Quantum Beverages, Chris Wine and Triston Wine Group (including V.A.L) in Finland and the travel retail company Five Eyes.

Under the umbrella of Solera Beverage Group, Solera Sweden has received a significant strengthening of the management and the board, as well as increased synergies in logistics and distribution. This cooperation is an important factor in Solera’s strategy to form the Nordic region’s strongest group of companies in the wine and spirits industry.

The different companies give Solera Sweden many valuable and alternative interface with the market. Our sales team covers the entire Swedish HoReCa market. We also work closely with the leading Swedish wholesalers of food and kitchenware.


Success in Fierce Competition.

A wine producer who wants to reach the Swedish consumer market has to get any of its products listed in Systembolaget’s assortment. State-owned Systembolaget has since the early 2000s, through a statutory monopoly, sole right on the sales of alcoholic beverages to the public through over 400 locations.
For every Swedish wine importer, good contact and cooperation with Systembolaget is an outmost importance.
It is gratifying to note that our serious commitment has borne fruit. Our producers are today represented in all price ranges in Systembolaget’s assortment.

Competition is fierce, and all wine producers need a serious, dynamic and business friendly partner with great knowledge of the Swedish market and the type of wines that are requested by the Swedish consumers. Solera Sweden offers this knowledge!


Quality, Advice and Education.

Sweden’s best restaurants are today seeing the wine traders as key partners.
Several of us working at Solera Sweden has our background in the restaurant business. It has given us a strong competitive advantage because we understand the industry’s needs and work situation. Solera Sweden has about 450 large restaurant customers and we are therefore a strong partner and channel for producers who want to reach this important Swedish audience in a growing market.

Distribution and logistics

The Key to Success

In order to achieve success as a wine importer, knowledge of the products as well as marketing and sales is a must. Parallel to this is an efficient logistics and distribution organization as important. To achieve the best possible storage and distribution efficiency with a pronounced environmental awareness, Solera Sweden has chosen to cooperate with the logistics company PostNord Logistics TPL AB.

All orders from Systembolaget go through an IT system built up jointly by Systembolaget and PostNord Logistics TPL AB. That means we can minimize error rates and the administrative process surrounding these orders. As for the restaurant market, order and distribution routines are obviously different and more personal.

CSR and Sustainable Development in the Group

We define CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as sustainable development. That is to say that we are actively working to bring economic, social and environmental responsibility for all aspects of our business. CSR is now an integral part of our business development. Here is a brief description of how our daily CSR commitment is organized.

1. Continued growth. At the heart of our business is a growing, predictable and sustainable business. Without growth, it becomes difficult to invest in and develop our CSR work. Our goal is growth with social and environmental responsibility.

2. Social responsibility. As a supplier to Systembolaget, we are obliged to communicate and monitor the BSCI Code of Conduct, it means that we continuously work with our suppliers in so-called risk countries with an eye to human rights.

3. Environmental responsibility. We are environmentally certified acc. Svensk Miljöbas since 2012 and our activity is audited annually by an external auditor. We are actively working to continuously improve our environmental performance. Our aim is also to increase the number of organic products in our range.