Stepanow S.r.o.

Slovakien / Pribenik

Adress: Pribeník, 07651, 076 51, Slovakien
Telefon:+421 56/632 12 57
Stepanow s.r.o. an Italian-Slovakian Joint Venture, was founded in 1997 by the well known Italian distillery CASONI S.p.A. of Finale Emilia, to establish a solid bridge with Eastern European countries. Situated in the strategic geographical area of Pribenik, in Kosice region, at the border of Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraina, the modern Stepanow´s factory, fully furnished with Italian technology, produces under licence a whole range of products, liqueurs and distillates, which are the results of a long-term tradition in production of alcoholic drinks, based since 1814 on CASONI´S family traditional recipes.

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