Weingut Pflüger

Tyskland / Pflaz

Weinkontor Pflüger are a family company who today runs by Alexander Plüger. Already Alexander's father belonged to the bio-pioneers of the Palatinate. In 2008, the Pflügers decided after careful consideration to go one step further. Biodynamic was introduced to the vineyard. Since then, the soil life, the growth of the grapes and the health and quality of the berries have improved once again. It is the basis for the quality, which at Alexander is at a high level. It is working with and in nature, a lot of work, much more than in conventional cultivation. Whether it is the pruning in the vineyard, the tapping in the cellar or bottling the wine on the bottle does not matter. Because in the Palatine winery, the momentum of the moments are taken into account. It may therefore happen that the phases of the moon play a role in the bottling of the wine.

Produkter från Weingut Pflüger

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